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Configure system settings

Configure Endor Labs application system settings to define the application behavior.

Administrators can configure the following settings to customize certain interactions with Endor Labs. These interactions include:

Configure SBOM settings

You can configure organizational settings that will be included in every one of your organization’s SBOMs. These settings allow you to meet NTIA requirements for minimum SBOM data fields which require supplier contact information for your organization.

To define your organization’s SBOM settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings on the left pane of the Endor Labs application.
  3. Enter the following organizational SBOM settings as appropriate for your organization under SBOM Settings.
    • Organizational Name - The organization that supplied the library or application that the SBOM describes.
    • Contact Name - A contact at the organization for SBOM related inquiries.
    • Contact E-mail Address - The organizational contact’s e-mail address.
    • Supplier URL - The website URL of the organization supplying the SBOM.
  4. Select Save CycloneDX Settings.

Configure policy settings

Endor Labs comes with several out-of-the-box policies that help you ensure the security posture of your code repositories, detect secret leaks, discern license risks, and make your code compliant with the CIS benchmark. Endor Labs regularly updates its existing policies and also includes several new policies. Configure policy settings to ensure that you benefit from these regular updates.

  • Automatically Enable New System Policies - Select to ensure that new policies released by Endor Labs are automatically enabled in your organization. This ensures that the policies are automatically applied to all the projects that you scan you can view the generated findings.

  • Enable Automatic Policy Updates from Endor Labs - Select to ensure that any updates released by Endor Labs to the existing policies are automatically enabled in your organization.

    Note: Do not enable automatic policy updates if you have modified any out-of-the-box policies. For example, if you have updated an out-of-the-box policy to change the finding severity, the automatic update will reset the policy to its original settings.

policy settings

Manage saved filters

You can look for the saved filters that you created on the findings page and delete them from here.

  1. Navigate to Settings on the left pane of the Endor Labs application.
  2. Select SAVED FILTERS.
  3. Choose a filter, click the vertical ellipsis on the right side and choose Delete.